The 2024 Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt is not only cool but hot! Wearing something that is unique and represents the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), The Rolling Barrage and the organizations we support as a coast to coast ride across Canada is definitely cool.

The Rolling Barrage – 2024 Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt is hot because those that “Wear It” make it that way. You have seen our rides from years past and all the great people who ride with us Coast to Coast, a day or two, or Supporting us on our mission.

The models you see are Warren and Theresa. Both have done The Full Pull. They also are The Rolling Barrage – Warehouse Central for all our merchandise from this 2024 Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt right down to short sleeve shirts, coffee mugs, patches and decals for helmets and rides.

Check out our Merchandise Shop, get that cool and hot merchandise to support our mission. Most of all, take it off the hanger and “Wear It”