We hope everyone had a great Canada Day. Several Rolling Barrage alumni and local riders attended the Bonnyville, Alberta – Canada Day Event. While from the start it was going to be a great day, sadly mother-nature had other plans. Unfortunately, a lot of the event had to be cancelled because of a rain-out.

There was a parade, and the turnout appeared to be outstanding. The Rolling Barrage alumni were also able to set up a tent and sell some merchandise before the weather decided it was time to close up shop. But not before Jim Gordon and Warren Cave were able to sell over $1500.00 in Rolling Barrage merchandise.

Great work guys, and now there are a bunch of people wearing our merchandise and more awareness of The Rolling Barrage.

If you want to see some pictures of the Bonnyville – Canada Day Event, head over to our The Rolling Barrage – Picture Gallery. Scroll down to “Bonnyville Alberta – Canada Day Event 2023”, click on a picture and it will expand in Lightbox for a larger view. Just tap or click on the arrows and you will cycle through the pictures.