The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage supports the Concussion Legacy Foundation of Canada in their efforts to bring scientific understanding to (TBI) , (CTE) and traumas than can affect the brain.

The Race to End CTE is an annual fundraiser that has raised significant support and funds.

You can take part by running, biking, walking, and even riding your motorcycle. Nothing better than getting on your bike and going for a ride to support The Race to End CTE.

Take part as a group by becoming a Team Captain if you wish and bring out your team. You can also do this fundraiser on your own. The choice is really yours.

Everyone has to Register, but it is for a good cause and needed research. Last year in 2022 they raised over $200,000.00; this year’s goal is $400,000.00

They are conducting the Fundraiser this weekend May 27th (Sat) and May 28th (Sun) 2023.

The Founder of The Rolling Barrage, Scott Casey, is committing to doing the Race to End CTE while in the United States.

What better way to support the Concussion Legacy Foundation of Canada by showing your support, taking your motorcycle out for a ride and supporting a great cause.

Download the Race to End CTE Canada Toolkit – 2023.

It has all the information you need and in the PDF document, the links will take you to the Registration process and there is also a Co-ordinator you can reach out to via email if you need help.

Good luck with your run, walk or ride.

If you want to support, by just paying your Registration consider these two teams. The funds go to the same organization, be it in Canada or the United States.


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The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage