On 01 June 2024 Heroes Highway Ride conducted their last ride. Heroes Highway Ride is / was an annual riding event recognizing Veterans (CAF) for 15 years. In that time, thousands of riding veterans and supporters across the country participated in this much anticipated event annual event.

Heroes Highway Ride would start in the Trenton ON area and proceed to Port Hope ON at Memorial Park. There was other destination points in its history such as Oshawa ON as well.

The Rolling Barrage has participated in the Heroes Highway Ride since 2017, whether it be setting up a display with our Not For Profit community friends at Renos for Heroes or riders and supporters from various riding groups across the country who have been on The Rolling Barrage.

For this years 2024 Heroes Highway Ride, several The Rolling Barrage – Full Pull riders and Supporters were able to participate in this historic final Heroes Highway Ride on 01 June 2024 from Trenton ON to Port Hope with the finale at Memorial Park.

The Rolling Barrage was also represented by Footsteps of Canadian Heroes with Al and Sue not only meeting and talking about their community efforts in recognizing Canadian Veterans but also talking about The Rolling Barrage.

Sue and Al from Footsteps of Canadian Heroes will be participating in The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 ride coast to coast across Canada from East to West this year.

A photo gallery with some pictures of The Rolling Barrage – Alumni.

To learn more about Footsteps of Canadian Heroes please visit their Facebook page.

To the organizers of Heroes Highway Ride, thank you for organizing and providing this event for the past 15 years. It has greatly helped in raising the awareness of Veterans and the support communities that have been invited over the years to set up displays and participate.