Heroes Highway Ride (HHR) will be doing their annual ride from Trenton ON to Port Hope ON on 01 June 2024 (Saturday). Sadly, it is The Last Ride. But with that, it should be well attended.

The Heroes Highway Ride (HHR) has always been a very well attending event. Rider participants, passengers and Supporters alike.


Date: 01 June 2024

Timings: Registration Opens at 0800 am

Departs KSU: 11:00 am

Assembly Area: Quinte West Operations Center, 177 North Murray Street, Trenton ON

Arrives at: Memorial Park – Port Hope

Details: Entertainment, Food Vendors and Support Groups on Display

While speaking of Support. Riders and Supporters of The Rolling Barrage are encouraged to attend this event.

The Rolling Barrage is also fortunate to have Sue and Al of Footsteps of Canadian Heroes attend this event and they have information pamphlets to hand out to attendees about The Rolling Barrage. They will be bringing their wonderful tribute trailer that supports visually the sacrifice of veterans while in the performance of duties and operations.

Please take some time to visit them and look over their display. They have plenty of tissues on hand as their display is both emotional and inspiring.

To learn more about Footsteps of Canadian Heroes check out their Facebook Page.

Safe riding everyone.