The following information is provided to ease potentially some concerns people may have with respect to the overnight stay arrangements in Jasper during The Rolling Barrage.

Hostels do bring concerns in some people, especially if you use them based on walking up and getting a shared room with complete strangers where there is no common ground.

The arrangements that have been made for the Jasper – Downtown Hostel are completely different.

The Jasper Downtown Hostel is actually a very nice location where TRB has stayed many times when stopping in Jasper. It is conveniently located right beside the Legion (Stand Easy) which is hosting us for the stop. Please take a few minutes to look at their website for more information.

The Rolling Barrage has booked 2 Dorms with 10 beds each and 1 Dorm with 5 beds. Beds are all singles, very much like the photo below. (Couples must book 2 beds) You will get clean linens at check-in, just like the old days in the shacks.

Each “Bunk” is a solid wooden structure with a privacy curtain, electrical outlet and a lamp. The beds are large enough that you can store your valuables at the foot of your bed and there is storage space in the Dorm for your larger items such as luggage, jackets and footwear. To be clear, the dorm uses a key card to enter and there will ONLY be people from The Rolling Barrage in our dorms, not the general public.

There are some other room options available at the Hostel which you can see on their website. Check the link below. Maybe you want to gather a few of your trusted friends to stay in a smaller room made for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people? The Hostel has you covered but space is limited. First come, first served to reserve “Private Rooms”.

Other Room Options

There are plenty of hotel options available in Jasper but there are 3 things you should know.
1) Book early, Jasper is in a National Park and it books up early for the summer.
2) Start saving your pennies, the cheapest room you are likely to find is well over $300 per night +tax.
3) Pay attention to the location of hotels you’re looking at because you will find listings for as far away as Hinton.

The Jasper Downtown Hostel is great overnight accommodation that is close to one of The Rolling Barrage’s venues at the “Stand Easy.” We also hear that this big fella acts sort of like the morning alarm, wake up call, and rumoured to pop in from time to time at the “Stand Easy” for a libation. So just on the chances of that, it is worth the ride and stay alone!