This year’s Rolling Barrage is fantastic with riders who have registered to date. With over 50 riders doing the Full Pull coast to coast and riders checking in on various points across the country, the numbers continue to rise.

We are excited about this year’s ride as there has been increases in registered riders especially in the First Responder communities. We are also experiencing a very noticeable increase in women registering for the ride. The level of support from sponsors, supporters and communities we pass through has been immense and continues to come in. You only need to check out our Route Guide for 2023 – Coast to Coast and read through it to really get an understanding of the magnitude of support we are receiving.

The Rolling Barrage as a ride is important. The ride can play a key role in one’s own mental health and wellness. In our history, we have had riders with the intention of only riding maybe one leg of the ride and end up riding the entire country. Others have tried one leg one year and then take part in longer rides in the following years. Others, it is day by day and we also understand that.

The Rolling Barrage is also an opportunity to project a message regarding PTSD, OSI’s and other mental health and wellness challenges to the communities we ride through and engage in.

The Rolling Barrage’s main mission is to end the stigma associated with PTSD and mental health. Collectively, we are a ride that goes coast to coast with a tasked purpose and mission.

Participants are mostly from professions that are affected considerably by PTSD and mental health challenges by virtue of the work they do or have done. This, of course, can also extend to family and friends of those affected as well.

The Rolling Barrage is you, the rider. Most may not even considerate it, but you are Ambassadors for the message of mental health awareness unlike any other entity in the country. That is why it is important to join in on the message we are sending across the country, in being Not Silent. Collectively we have to raise the awareness.

When you wear The Rolling Barrage apparel, you are supporting the ride and supporting organizations that can help in the wider mental health picture, but you are also representing what we believe in as an organization and what you believe in too. It is like putting a jersey on for a team and getting out there on the ice, or field and laying a beat down on the stigmas associated with PTSD and other mental health challenges.

Join us in being Not Silent while working towards ending the stigma associated with PTSD, OSI’s and mental health challenges. Many of our stop to stop locations are pushing towards the 100 riders territory. We want 100+ riders, and more at every day of the ride. We have already over 50 Full Pullers coast to coast.. time to support and surround them. Time to support and surround each other.

It is time to be Not Silent about who we are and what we represent as an organization, a ride, collectively and as individuals.

Registration is Online. If you have some challenges with forms and such on a computer, show up early on the day you want to Register and we will help you through the process.

Registration Online is also open right up to the last day of the ride.

Thank you,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage