Online Registrations continue to come in across the country as The Rolling Barrage progresses coast to coast, east to the west. We cannot thank those that have rode with us in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and now in New Brunswick how great it was to have the riding numbers we are having.

The support from communities, businesses, and First Responder agencies has been fantastic and humbling at the same time. The support continues to come in from riders registering, purchasing merchandise from our mobile Merch trailer, and donations. We can’t thank everyone enough. But again, Thank You.

Please continue to use our Online Registration on the website as the first option in Registering for The Rolling Barrage. It actually gives you time and our volunteers time to simply just have you Check-In. Show your copy of the email that you Registered and you can then relax, chat with friends, take some pictures, video, before the Safety Brief and away you go.

Our volunteers at the stops doing Check-Ins are also riders, and they like you have to attend Safety Brief’s, pack up and get ready to ride for the day as well. So help them out by Registering Online. Thank you.


A ride that goes across the country is dynamic in that at times, things can change due to operational conditions such as weather, traffic, construction, and so forth. We do our absolute best at keeping our schedules and routes as solid as possible. But change can happen.

One only needs to look at the news and note weather, such as heavy rains, flooding, fires in certain regions, and road closures, can impede intended routes. We do our absolute best to notify of these types of changes on our Facebook page and The Rolling Barrage website.

Continue to monitor our Facebook page and our Route Info page. When we can, if time permits, we do a blog and then flip it to our Facebook page for maximum exposure on updates as quickly as we can. Again, the vast majority of the volunteers are already on the road in The Rolling Barrage itself, or proceeding to a point where they will join The Rolling Barrage.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in The Rolling Barrage so far, those currently about to go from Oromocto NB to Montmagny QC on Monday 07 August 2023 and beyond. Safe travels.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage