Partner de Boite Jaune is a podcast that is available on YouTube and Spotify. It is also known as the Yellow Box Podcast. Their podcasts are primarily in French, but they have a range of English content also available.

They recently interviewed Carola from The Rolling Barrage on their podcast. For those that don’t know, Carola serves on the Board of Directors of The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation and has for several years been the Alberta Representative for The Rolling Barrage in planning events within the province with great success. For many riders on The Rolling Barrage the events are the highlights of the ride but also great opportunities for riders to share in discussions on PTSD and mental health and wellness.

Carola discusses with her hosts from Partner de Boite Juane several topics related to being married to a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, recently retired firefighter, and the challenges with respect to mental health and wellness not only of her husband but the entire family.

There are many podcasts out that discuss mental health and wellness and often the focus is on the veteran, active duty, or first responder experiencing challenges of seeking help and mitigating the challenges one can face under those circumstances.

Not often are spouses or family members interviewed, and this podcast is a unique opportunity to gain some insight and perspective from an equally important partner with overcoming the challenges of mental health in a family environment.

The podcast is below. As with all the various channels of support from Podcasts, Websites, and Social Media groups that encourage discussion and awareness, The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation supports these types of initiatives and encourages our audience to listen and engage in the conversations.

Carola of The Rolling Barrage – Interviewed by the hosts of Partner de Boite Jaune

Thank you Carola for the support you give to The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage.