Today I had the privilege of presenting a Ranger Quilt to Craig Hillier. I had not seen Craig since literally when we were both deployed with the United Nations from 3 RCR Germany to ROTO 0 in the Former Yugoslavia and Sarajevo. We carried on our conversation and it seemed just like we saw each other yesterday.

Craig and I talked about several 3 RCR November Company friends who are no longer with us but sincerely remembered. I also spoke of my trip to Saskatchewan to visit Marcie Erick in 2022, who presented my quilt in 2019.

This lead to speaking of Rick “Ranger” Lougheed and meeting his mother, extended family and visiting his grave in Arcola.

Marcie was available to speak with Craig online and talk about Ranger Quilts. With that I wrapped Craig in his quilt and they had a great chat.

This presentation was very special in having the opportunity to bestow a quilt upon a fellow November Company brother from UNPROFOR ROTO 0.

Craig, when you feel at times you are in need of support, wrap the quilt around you and there will be the embrace of those you served with.

Ranger Quilts is a registered Not for Profit started by Marcie Erick. Quilts are presented to members, active and retired in the CAF, RCMP and the larger First Responder community. Ranger Quilts – Facebook page.

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The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage

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