Website Guy – “The Registrations Online for The Rolling Barrage continue coming in. Which is really great. What do you think, Throttle?”

Throttle – “What the @#$% is that!?”

Website Guy – “Oh that, it is the numbers in relation to Registered Riders and that sort of thing.”

Throttle – “@#$%, that is a lot of motorcycles. How did they get there?”

Website Guy – “Well, we had a great sponsor, Big Freight Systems and they used a truck and they drove a bunch of the motorcycles to Newfoundland. Some went by plane, and others went by a ferry ship with riders on them. Here is a picture of the truck that Big Freight Systems used. They wrapped it as well with The Rolling Barrage brand and so forth.”

Throttle – “Wow! That is @#$%^&* cool. People should be really excited. You guys have trucks, planes and ferries! But no choppers, what gives!”

Website Guy – “We technically have a truck and a trailer with Merchandise and that will be soon selling Merchandise when the ride starts on August 1st, 2023. But we don’t have planes, ferries, and no choppers.”

Throttle – (poking Website Guy’s chest) – “You need a @#$@$%&# chopper!”

Website Guy – “Ok, we will work on that. What is with all the.. how shall I put it, language?”

Throttle – “I am just kind of upset I am not part of it. Just like I still don’t have a shirt!”

Website Guy – “But you are part of it Throttle, you helped promote Merchandise. Remember that guy in the picture on his motorcycle?”

Throttle@#$%! yeah I remember him.. (whispers) Did he eventually get some clothes?”

Website Guy – “Yes, I think he did. Listen, how about you promote Registering Online for the ride?”

Throttle – “Seriously? Ok” (clears throat)

Throttle – The Rolling Barrage is still doing Registrations Online from the start of the ride in Newfoundland, on August 1st 2023 to the end in British Columbia 19 August 2023. Join them, Register Online. You can Register day of and people will help you. They even have paper registration as well. You can also get some Merchandise while you are there too. They have a truck and trailer full of Merchandise… but… no choppers! I keep on telling them to get a chopper… but nooooooo….they don’t @#$%^&* listen to me….”

Website Guy – Whoa.. Ok.. Throttle that was great. It is never really too late to register for the ride. We will see everyone on The Rolling Barrage, kick stands up, August 1st 2023, St Johns Newfoundland. Join in with over 50 + Full Pull riders as they go coast to coast across the country. Doesn’t matter if you come out for 1 day or more. ”

Website Guy – “Not bad huh Throttle.. is ok, just nod. I know it’s hard to speak with a bit of tape over your mouth.”

Throttle – “mmm…mmmm…mm… mmmm… mmmm…mmm…mmmmmm… mmmm!”

Website Guy – “My point exactly!”

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