Registrations for The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 ride launched on March 1st, 2023. There was a massive influx of registrations once the clock struck on taking on registrations on our website. Of significance is the amount of “Full Pull” riders that will be attending this years coast to coast ride. So far we pushing in the 30 riders plus range. But we would obviously like to see more. Why not 40, 50… more. To Register < Click right there….

Join us in Newfoundland or Halifax and be part of that ever continuous presence; across the country, The Full Pull crew.

Very important to The Rolling Barrage are the riders that historically have comprised the bulk of riders that fill in the ranks of the ride as it progresses across Canada. We’re the 2nd largest country on the planet, we have a decent population of close to 39 million people. Surely, we can get 100-200 plus riders each and every day of The Rolling Barrage VII 2023 this year.

We hear a lot about RFTW – Run for the Wall, which is a fantastic ride and if you ever have the opportunity to participate in it, do it. Many of our riders, including the Founder of The Rolling Barrage, Scott Casey have participated in RFTW – Run for the Wall. We have had, starting right at the very beginning of The Rolling Barrage in 2017, James (Gunny) Gregory one of the key founders of RFTW join our rank and file doing a “Full Pull” himself. One tough Marine.

There are unique comparisons between the two rides. Our missions have both similarities and differences. They have had humble beginnings over 30 years ago to what it is today and we had humble beginnings in 2017. They have passed decade milestones; we are approaching our 10th Anniversary ride. Their level of support has increased over the years as has ours. They have welcomed us with open arms on their rides and we have welcomed them on our rides in the same manner.

By Registering for our ride, you plant a flag, a commitment to our mission, others on The Rolling Barrage, the communities we pass by or visit and more importantly, yourself. We have had riders literally start thinking, “maybe I will just go to the next stop” to end up riding “The Full Pull.” Imagine.

That says something. We think we know and understand the reasons, but really it is the riders themselves that decide. So whatever you decide, be it joining us for one stop, one leg, a few days or “The Full Pull” it is up to you. Dust off your ride, shine it up, and join us.

Join us. Be part of our ride, your ride. The Rolling Barrage.

Thank you,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation

Board of Directors and Executive