Website Guy – “Hey, who are you?”

Pipes – “I’m Pipes.Just here to remind you, it is time to remind others of The Rolling Barrage and Registering for the ride.”

Website Guy – “Okay… wait.. where is the picture of the falcon I had in that frame?”

Pipes – “It’s been acquired. You didn’t need it. I figured you needed some more inspiration. So I replaced it with the Rolling Barrage 2023 poster. It has all the stops, by the way.”

Website Guy – “Yes, I am familiar with it. Wait.. where is my notebook?”

Pipes – “The one with the eagle on the front?”

Website Guy – “Yes!”

Pipes – (Stretching.. arms out…yawn..) “That was acquired too.”

Website Guy – “Wait.. (looking around) and I suppose my “mouse” was acquired too?”

Pipes – “He is not needed for this mission. He has been dispatched… so to speak.”

Website Guy – “When we are done here, you are bringing my stuff back.”

Pipes – “Sure. You going to tell them now?”

Website Guy – “Sure”

The Rolling Barrage 2023 ride is kick stands up in 36 days. Registrations have been amazing and we want to continue with this momentum right across the country. With over 50 Full Pullers riding from Coast to Coast and many other riders joining in daily across the country, The Rolling Barrage is going to be seen and heard in a big way.

If you have not decided yet, please consider joining us. More riders are joining in across the country. Veterans, active duty, first responders, supporters, women and men alike. The Provincial Reps and Planning Groups have all been working hard and still are working hard on making Events at stops better than ever.

The amount of Sponsored or discounted meals, for example, is in many ways offsetting the cost of Registration.

We have also extended the Registration time frame and costs right through to the end of this year’s ride. We are encouraging everyone to Register Online. That way, we have a better picture of who is riding between points.

If you show up at one of the Check In points and haven’t registered, you will have to Register Online using a mobile device such as your phone. But we will have people available to help for those who may have difficulty. Just come early and get Registered and Checked – In.

Many of the hotel’s block bookings has ended. However, go to our Hotel Information page on our website and download the Hotel Guide, which has hotel information for the Rolling Barrage across the country. Many hotels, if you speak with them directly, will still have rooms and honour the rates extended to The Rolling Barrage. Many of our stops have multiple hotels. So check them all if you have to.

Our Route Information Guide continues to develop with more information, in particular events such as Lunch and Dinner arrangements. Go to our Route Information page and download either the entire country guide or guides on the days you are riding.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

Pipes – “Not bad (stretching and yawning) well I am gonna bounce. I will see you later.”

Website Guy – “Wait, what about my stuff you took… and he is gone.”

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage