There has been a substantial amount of work that has gone into putting all the information together all across the country and ensuring that it is consistent and clear. We hope that this document has everything you need.
You can print the pages/dates that interest your, or upload to your phone for access on the road.

The first few pages are blanks of the registration documents in English and French, in case you didn’t get them in your registration emails. We also have the COVID questionnaire for due diligence.

Please remember to print sign and bring those to registration with you.

The table of contents is hyperlinked to the respective chapters, so endless scrolling (a lesson identified as a problem year 1) is eliminated.

Also included is a segment on route safety, and the way our Road Safety team would like things. We know there are many opinions about best practices, and ways of doing business – that seem to be similar to Ford Vs Chevy debates or Coca-Cola vs Pepsi – but the best practice is that everyone be operating the same rule book.

So this is what we will use on TRB 2021.
If everyone follows our outlined road safety rules, then others will be more apt to know what to expect from other riders on the road.
There will be a safety briefing each time new riders are added to the pack, so please plan on joining at a designated registration point(highlighted in the downloadable guide.

Thank you for joining us on our 5th annual ride. We look forward to seeing you on the road.

Download the Route Guide