The Run For The Wall (RFTW) ride has started Registrations for the RFTW XXXIV (34th) Annual Ride. The RFTW consists of (3) cross country routes and (1) smaller route.

  • Central Route Hub
  • Midway Route Hub
  • Southern Route Hub
  • Sandbox Route Hub

The dates are:

  • May 15-25 / 2024 – California to Washington DC
  • May 26-28 / 2024 – Sandbox Route

Canadian Riders on The Run For The Wall

Over the past few years several Canadians have taken part in The Run For The Wall. In 2023, nine riders from Canada took part. In 2022, seven riders took part in the ride. There are reports that (13) riders from Canada have registered for the 2024 RFTW so far. By our population compared to the US, it looks like the Canadians are invading…but in a good way.

Traditionally the Canadians have rode Midway Route. So fellow Canadians if you want to warm up your ride and do a 10 Day ride across the United States; Register for the ride. It is kind of like if you rode to the local Tim Hortons for a “double-double” before riding The Rolling Barrage – Full Pull.

Kidding aside, we have had several of our brothers and sisters from RFTW ride The Rolling Barrage and have done The Full Pull.

So “Come on Canada!” We have a ride to join in on. Let’s make it happen. Register for The Run For The Wall.