Scott Casey – Founder of The Rolling Barrage was recently awarded the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers. The Rolling Barrage was a dream, a plan and after Scott Casey spoke with many who he had served with in the CAF in late 2016 and early 2017 about The Rolling Barrage, they began the needed planning to execute in August 2017 the first Full Pull from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

The purpose of the coast to coast motorcycle ride was to help raise funds across the country to help other Not For Profit and Charity organizations in their efforts to combat PTSD and other mental health and physical challenges while in service or retirement from the military, RCMP and First Responder Community.

Some of the immediate greater challenges were funding of the ride itself. Scott Casey, family and friends pitched in financially to cover aspects of the ride that are required, such as website development, insurances and merchandise.

With any new Not For Profit or Charity, the challenges of support externally were definitely there. But many people, and organizations across the country assisted in some manner. Indian Motorcyle was the marque sponsor in the donation of a motorcycle for Scott to ride across country. This alone would eventually lead Scott to not only purchase his own Indian; but many others would make that decision as well.

Merchandise was sold across the country to raise funds literally from a volunteer’s jeep packed floor to ceiling.

But, Scott’s journey regarding volunteerism in other Veteran and Community related events started well before The Rolling Barrage, during and continues to this day. Meetings with government and veterans advocacy groups to enhance benefits and programs for mental health programs to assisting communities in emergency management and disaster mitigation.

Scott would also be pivotal at his work in programs through the United Steelworkers Union in the programs such as Veterans of Steel and promoting internal mental health advocacy that would lead to greater recognition of mental health challenges and the need for programs for employees.

Despite retirement, he continues to work in volunteering with The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage and community-based efforts.

Scott was recently interviewed by CFJC News on being awarded the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers, and his history of volunteerism across the country and locally.

A link to the news article, video are below.

Scott Casey – Awarded Sovereign Medal for Volunteers

Scott Casey speaking with CFJC crews Dec. 7 in Merritt. (Image Credit: Kent Simmonds / CFJC Today)

While normally those who commit to the research and paperwork required in the recommendation of any Canadian government awarded medal or commendation are not normally disclosed, in this circumstance, disclosure actually brings about awareness.

Kyle Scott served 7.5 years as a Combat Engineer, all with 1CER. He served two tours in Afghanistan.

His mission, started over 6 years ago, was to help veterans receive medals they are owed or missing, and this level of advocacy would start when he was a service officer with the Royal Canadian legion.

As he filled out claims, he routinely ran into veterans who didn’t know about medals they were entitled to. Or worse, heard rumours about a medal they believed they should have, which might not have been true.

He began reaching out through social media and, to date have assisted over 1300 veterans and their families with obtaining medals and commendations.

Kyle Scott also shares stories of unmarked veteran graves that he has found and had grave markers installed on. He does this through the Last Post Fund. Similarly, he has also found over 1300 graves and submitted them for markers in Canada, the United States, and the UK.

Kyle Scott continues to help veterans to receive the medals and recognition they deserve. For more information, please go to Canadian Veterans: Owed or Missing Medals – Facebook page.

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