I gave my commitment to doing the Full Pull of The Rolling Barrage back in January and started preparing for the ride, hotel booking and routes east to the start point.

We had a very busy summer leading up to the departure date for St John’s Nfld, so my mind was preoccupied with ensuring that I left my spouse (Sandra) set for the month I would be away.

As the days came closer, I found myself preparing as though I was deploying and not really getting the anxiety of meeting so many new people and the fact of riding across our great nation twice in a 30-day period.

Once TRB 2023 was on it’s way and I was meeting all the strangers and riding for a few days those strangers became friends and by the time we reached Burnaby we all developed a close bond that will continue forever.

Reflecting back on my overall experience that words cannot describe how life changing my experience was and I’m forever grateful. Through the various events and presentations and the ride itself, The Rolling Barrage gave me the chance to really start a healing process where I could relieve myself of the unwanted burdens and stress that have been building for over a decade and even throughout my lifetime.

I also found that the camaraderie amongst all the TRB participants and the Full Pullers in particular was a very needed and welcomed piece, as that feeling was lost when I was medically released and could no longer be active in the sports I had previously enjoyed.

This was my very first time participating in The Rolling Barrage, I haven’t completed a single leg with TRB prior to this year so being asked to be part of the Safety Team as a Tailgunner was a huge honour which I readily accepted.

This task kept me focused and dialed in to every aspect of my journey. I noticed as my journey progressed I was less and less focused on my aches & pains and my medications to the point that I had stopped taking my pharmaceuticals completely and my medical cannabis use drastically decreased, however, my mind was getting clearer and my body was becoming less painful and stronger.

Through all the obstacles that came before us, all the rainy days, the heat bowl of southern Alberta or the wildfires in BC and the fact of successfully conquering the challenge of riding a motorcycle in an enormous group across our great nation restored a ton of self confidence, pride and gave me a renewed sense of purpose.

I am forever grateful for my new TRB family and recommend that anyone and everyone try to participate in whatever way you can…you’ll not regret it.

Keith Campeau

Full Pull Alumni / Tailgunner , The Rolling Barrage