I’ve been asked to put some thoughts together about my experience on my first full pull with TRB.  A tough ask for someone with the attention span of a knat, but come with me on my version of my journey thus far…

My first involvement with TRB was in 2020 when I was first introduced to this group by another Firefighter, Rob Milne, he had done a few legs the year before and made some friends and told me about this group and I would probably find it a good fit and a way to see what it was all about.

That year I met some people who have now become brothers and sisters to me, it also made me realize that I certainly wasn’t the only one having some intrusive thoughts and feelings.  Soon after my ride, I realized that I needed some help, and made that call.  Life altering to say the least!

I made it my goal to promote this ride to whomever would listen to me, and can attest, some people are probably tired of listening to me! I’m unapologetic, and will continue!

Haven’t missed a year of riding with this organization, and each year make new friends and renew bonds with returning brothers and sisters!

Fast forward to 2023, my wife was the one who suggested that I do the ‘Full Pull ‘ after getting over the shock of her support of this ride, she doesn’t like motorcycles in the least!  The preparations began!

The support we have received from numerous business has been overwhelming, from shipping bikes, to Legion support, it made this a trip that I could afford to do.

From my arrival in St John’s, being met by people who made me feel welcome and appreciated, the adventure of my lifetime was beginning!  Riding began as it always does, people finding their group and welcoming in new riders into those groups, the preliminary day rides were great to get us all “Thinking Bike” again, some of us hadn’t been on our bikes since they were shipped!  Our provincial reps had put routes in place to let us see amazing landmarks and quiet little places that not a lot of us would have seen by ourselves.  And this happened across Canada.

From my years previous, I always watched  the Full Pull riders, you can see them, they act a little different than the ones who join for a few legs, or just a ride through their hometown.  Don’t get me wrong, they have always been welcoming to anyone who rides for however long with the group, but this year I found out what it was all about.  The bonds formed across Canada can’t be quantified, and it’s special.  Handshakes just won’t do, it’s always a hug, BIG HUGS!  And they’re truly from the heart!

The bonds formed through adversity are always stronger than ones formed through easy times.

These people went to wars, some on foreign soil, some in their towns and cities, and all have come back changed.  This group understands and supports eachother, like no other group I have found.


Scott Sherlow

Full Pull Alumni , The Rolling Barrage