We attribute a huge part of the overall success of The Rolling Barrage to the riders. As this blog is being written, we have riders already on a ferry, about to depart from a ferry or riding to board a ferry to land in Newfoundland.

There are other riders on their journey east to join in on The Full Pull. Some are riding from various points across Canada and the United States. We also have riders at home doing their final preparations in some manner to get ready to join The Rolling Barrage as it proceeds across Canada, east to west, coast to coast.

There are other riders getting ready to board flights, their motorcycles shipped by Big Freight Systems, a sponsor of The Rolling Barrage or with other carriers.

The Rolling Barrage is starting off, Kick Stands Up on August 1st in Newfoundland. Over 50 riders are doing The Full Pull, right across Canada. Compared to previous rides since 2017, a record. Riders are a huge part of that success. They are a reason for that success.

As The Rolling Barrage rides from the east coast to the west coast, we have many stops along the way. Joining in at various points with more riders filling in the rank and file. We have some daily legs of 70+ riders. Several are approaching the 100 riders mark and quite a few are in the 100+ range.

Our Online Registration continues to have riders registering. We expect riders coming out at the various stops along the way and registering daily as The Rolling Barrage progresses across the country.

All riders contribute to the mission of The Rolling Barrage. Whether they ride 1 day, or the entire ride. Our success in contributing to raising the awareness of PTSD and Mental Health and Wellness, in the Military, Veteran, First Responder and Family Communities directly results from… well you, the ridership.

For all that you have done, are doing, will do, We Sincerely Thank You.

To be part of The Rolling Barrage, Register Online. If you arrive Day-Of, we can help you Register. Just arrive early as its other riders who will help you, plus Merchandise Sales, answering questions, doing the Safety Briefing and organizing ride groups before we depart.

For details on our routes both across the country and on individual days, please visit our Route Information Page on our website. All routes are in PDF format.

Again, Thank You.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage