The Rolling Barrage has conducted an Auction every year for the duration of the entire ride since 2017. We use the 32 Auctions platform. In order to participate in the auction, you must register with 32Auctions. This will allow you to view, bid, receive email notifications on bids on items you have placed a bid on and so forth.

If you are in a position whereby you can donate an item to the auction to be bid on; please read through the following information to help you. Our Auction Manager is Leeona.

Auction Information – Donating Items

To minimize shipping costs & potential damage in shipping, preference is that the donor (or Provincial Team Lead, etc) holds the item until close of the auction, then ship direct to the winning bidder. Shipping cost will be reimbursed. (If that’s not possible, and items need to be shipped to Leeona, Contact – Auction Manager via our Contact Page to discuss options. Ensure you leave an email address for her to reach you).

Items will also have an in-person pickup option, for no cost. If this option is selected, Leeona will connect the winner with the donor to arrange the pickup.

Information Requested on Items for Donation:

· 2-4 clear photos

· Item description (details like size, materials, that may be relevant)

· Approx value/cost (to help determine opening bid)

· Estimated shipping cost, including any shipping insurance if applicable

· Donor/artist, social media links (Website, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

· Artist or company photo/logo if available

· Short artist/donor bio or company description to include in the “Donor Info” section

Questions? Reach out to Leeona via our Contact Us form.

To see items that have been donated since 2017, once you are registered on 32 Auctions, look at previous auctions by visiting our Auction page on our website.

Thank you,

The Rolling PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage