Website Guy – “Just to inform everyone that while we still have “The Full Pull – Route Information Guide” available for download from our website, I was chatting recently with our new mascot, “Torque” and he actually came up with this idea.

Torque – “Thank you Webster.. so I pawing my way through “The Full Pull – Route Information Guide for this year’s Rolling Barrage and while I really like it; I was thinking of riders who don’t do the “Full Pull.”

Website Guy – “Ok, that makes sense. Especially if you are maybe doing only 1-3 days with the Rolling Barrage, for example.”

Torque – “Exactly Webby, so I gained access to your files and account and I added the routes as individual days for download in PDF format on the website. It is all there, all 19 days in separate downloadable PDF files.”

Website Guy – “You what! Broke into my account?”

Torque – “Ha ha, they don’t call me Torque for nothing. Seems like you need to keep that type of information a little more.. how should I put it.. “squirrelled away.”

Website Guy – “I can’t believe this, a dog broke into my computer.”

Torque – “Hey, I saw your browser history, does your wife know..”

Website Guy – “Okay, no need to go there. What else did you do?”

Torque – “Well, while I was updating the Route Information page, with all the Route PDF files, I was thinking what colour to make the links and then it dawned on me. Make them blue like my eye.”

Website Guy – “Actually Torque, I did change that across the website some time ago. They used to be red and now they are blue.”

Torque – “I am glad you have changed it to a standard I have maintained for years.”

Website Guy – “Anything else?”

Torque – “Yeah, it is super easy now while you are on The Rolling Barrage to just go to the Route Information Page and then click on the day you are on the ride. I even gave some extra space cause I know some of you humans have fingers like sausages. You can’t miss the links. They are blue like my one eye.”

Website Guy – Yes, cause we wouldn’t have wanted them done with your brown eye.. wait.. that didn’t sound right.”

Torque – “You are crude, like your browser history Website Pe..”

Website Guy – “Ok, thank you Torque. Appreciate all the work you have done. So there you have it, folks. The Route Information page on our website now has the Routes broken down into individual days. Head on over. You can’t miss them. They are all links in blue, just like Torque’s one eye.”

Torque – “Wait till your wife see’s your website history.”

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