The Rolling Barrage is pleased to announce that the Route Information Guide -2023 Version 1.0 May 12 2023 is now available for download. The file is in PDF format.

There are a few ways to get the Route Information Guide – 2023 Version 1.0 May 12 2023. One is simply click the link in this paragraph and if you have Adobe Reader on your device or computer, it will download and the application will load in the document.

The document is also available on our website. Located at,

Future Updates – as The Rolling Barrage continues to grow, the challenges we face such as being able to accommodate a substantial increase in ridership also increases. Our “Full Pullers” group is already significant. Ridership overall is making certain headway to increase this year too. With that can bring changes such as “dinner” arrangements. Places that we liked to have stopped for a lunch before we have to pass because we’re outweighing their capacity to serve us.

There are instances in this guide whereby “dinner” arrangements have not been fully completed yet. For the record, no one has ever gone hungry while on The Rolling Barrage. So rest assured, there will be updates where it pertains to “dinner” arrangements.

There will be certain updates as the Planning Group works to fine tune and tweak. That said, you now have a greater sense of our routes. Which is very important for our various First Responder Liaison’s and for the services that help us in escort duties.

Registration – all those that have registered online up to this point, we thank you. For those that have not registered yet, please go online and do so. It just makes the entire process of Check In quicker. Register Online.

Merchandise – to all those who have bought merchandise, we thank you. It helps our organization and certainly those we contribute to. Please continue to purchase merchandise and outfit yourself with some new gear. We’d love to see a sea of red when we ride into Regina SK, and visit the RCMP Heritage Center.

We’re also visiting Big Freight Systems at their Operations Centre in Steinback MB. Big Freight has been a tremendous supporter of The Rolling Barrage.

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We are The Rolling Barrage, you are The Rolling Barrage, together we are Not Silent.

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