The Rolling Barrage – 2023 – Sponsorship

Sponsorship comes in many forms with The Rolling Barrage. At it’s heart the riders who participate in The Rolling Barrage are in essence sponsors by virtue of riding as a collective group, whether it is one leg, or the entire Full Pull across Canada. The registration, merchandise and even private donations from riders while participating in the ride is a solid pillar of personal sponsorship that we greatly appreciate.

We then have major sponsors of The Rolling Barrage. A significant portion of our funds that we forward to other Charity based or Not For Profit organizations derives from kind sponsors, be it small, medium or large businesses or corporations.

We also have charitable organizations such as local Royal Canadian Legion, Rotary Clubs branches that have sponsored a breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of our stops along the way or overnight. Restaurants that have donated a portion of total sales during a meal back to The Rolling Barrage is another example of the kindness we have experienced along the way.

This also goes without exception for towns and cities alike that have opened up their arms and welcomed us such as Minto NB, which if you were on the rides that stopped there; it was amazing. It was like the whole town just lined up, streets with streamers, emergency services, local officials and great food at zero cost to the riders. Okotoks AB is another example of a community that embraced us from the moment we entered its boundary to the moment we left the next day over the past years. All sincerely appreciated.

Our Auctions is another mainstay in Sponsorship and Donation support for The Rolling Barrage. Private donations over the years of custom made quilts from Marcie Erick of Quilts of Valour and many of us have been recipients of QoV’s from her during the ride. Award winning artist and photographer Sylvia Pecota has also donated works for our auction. Private memorabilia such as signed movie, television and sports icons prints and other works. Too many items and names to write… but that is going to change as we progress in our web design.

Then of course those that bid on donated items in the auction. You too add to the valued family that dig deep, maybe even deeper, depending on how the bids on items go and contribute. Thank you.

Everyone matters when it comes to Sponsorship and Donations. You are all very crucial and important to our ongoing mission and efforts. We can never truly praise and thank you all enough for all you do for our organization and those we strive to help.

For those organizations and businesses who are reading this and considering sponsorship, you can reach out to us by our Contact or our Facebook page.


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