The picture in this blog is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Taken last year in 2022, we believe. This year 2023, the number of riders you are looking at in this picture is around the number of Full Pull riders going Coast to Coast across the country. We believe there are more riders in our current Full Pull group than in this picture. The picture is still very impressive, though. But we would like pictures that kind of stretch off into the horizon on a street, just like that, in places across Canada.

We want to hear as we pass by and make stops, “WOW!!!.. <insert whatever phrase you like>.”

What’s missing? Oh, we know. The other 50+ riders from stops all along the way, that are just as important in getting our message out loud and clear. We are Not Silent.

We can’t do it alone. For something so important, such as awareness of PTSD and other mental health challenges in the military veteran, active duty, First Responder, family and friends communities.

We are actually close at a lot of our stops across the country of reaching that 100 rider watermark. Some stops have gone past it. Doesn’t matter, we want more. Our country needs to see collectively we’re making a stand and our mission and message is very clear. We are Not Silent. We will not stop until every brother, sister, comrade-in-arms, partner, family member gets the support they need.

From July 3rd to today, 15 more riders took on the call. Some riding a day, some almost across the entire country. Come out for a few hours if that is all you can spare. We completely understand all the commitments one can have in life. Maybe you can ride in place of someone you know who can’t ride.

Even if you can’t ride, come visit us at one of the stops. Have a coffee, break bread, chat with us. The evenings at our stops are best, as we just have more time to socialize with one another. Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably already know someone who is riding this year.

Want to join the recently registered riders? Our Registration Online is waiting. If you think you may end up doing more than a few hours or a day, our Hotel Information is online in PDF format to download. Want to come out and support us, or friends on the ride? Come on out. Our Route Information is available for Coast to Coast and broken down into individual days. All in downloadable PDF format.

Join the 50+ Full Pullers, the already Registered and the recent 15, and let our message be heard loud and clear; Not Silent.

Thank you,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage