There is a loud bang, scratching like on a chalkboard, hissing and growling at the door.

Torque: (looking at the website guy) “What the @#$% is that? Is that an ex-wife or something?”

Website Guy: “ I will go check it out.”

Torque: “Awesome, I will be in support, behind the couch!”

Website Guy: (Opens the door, looks around and sees no one)

Maylis: “Down here dummy.”

Website Guy: (Looks down) “Well what do you know… hey Torque, it’s a cat!”

Maylis: “Ohhhhh, aren’t you the smart one! Yes, I am a cat, (peering into the house) and I see you, Torque cowering behind that couch.”

Maylis strolls into the Website Guy’s home and looks around.

Maylis: “What a dump you got here, and what the hell is that smell? Oh, I know… Dog!” Glaring at Torque. “It took a while, but I found you two, and that smell? I can taste it!”

Website Guy: “Ummm, Torque got into the pickled eggs earlier.”

Maylis: (After finishing opening the windows) “I am Maylis, and I am the Master of a home in Levis, Quebec.”

Torque: “Wait, what? Levis? Isn’t that like a company that makes jeans?”

Maylis: “Oh you are funny. I am here to talk about this Rolling Barrage thing and apparently, a whole bunch of you just deciding to camp out in Levis or even worse, my home!”

Website Guy: “Ahhhhh, now I get it. Yes, The Rolling Barrage will be spending a couple of days in Levis, Quebec as they move coast to coast from East to West and….”

Maylis: “Silence!!! You fools! I have heard the humans in my home speak, of you, Torque and other humans on this ride. Normally I like it when they leave on those loud machines for a week or so, but last year, they brought one into my realm, riding an Indian machine and loud music. I was neither consulted nor asked.”

Website Guy: “Oh I see. Well, to be puurrrfectly honest.. hahaha… see what I did there? And you are not amused.. ok… This years Rolling Barrage has a rest day on Day 7 in Levis Quebec and Day 17 in Jasper Alberta.”

Torque: “Yeah! Casper!… just like the ghost in the cartoons!”

Website Guy: “That’s Jasper, Torque.. Jasper Alberta.”

Maylis: “Enough! First, the humans leave for a week, and I don’t hear from them, just those meddling kids they have. But now, they are coming back and bringing a whole pile of bikes and humans! How am I supposed to sleep?” (flops to the floor)

Website Guy: The riders will have their days off at the hotel accommodations in Levis and Jasper. No one is staying at your home, well aside from the humans you allow to stay there… I guess.”

Maylis: “What is this planning you speak of? I was not informed or made aware of this!”

Website Guy: “Wow.. ok.. well on our website we have Route Guides in both English and French. So let us take a look at one.”

Maylis: “Oh wow, I see you are going to not be at my home in Levis. Wait, you humans can do a lot of different things in Levis!

  1. A bus tour
  2. Visit the Zoo
  3. A boat cruise of the St. Lawrence
  4. Visit of La Citadelle
  5. A Cat Café owned by a Veteran
  6. Laundry or bike maintenance
  7. Relaxing

Torque: “What the #$%&! A Cat Café! That is not relaxing. All that “meow, meow, meow” and rubbing themselves all over the place, fur everywhere.”

Website Guy: “Well they do allow service dogs into the Café.”

Torque: “Oh that would be fun, all of them cats and in walks a service dog!”

Website Guy: As you can see Maylis, no one is taking over your home, and no one is going to stop you from sleeping, naps and ruling over your humans. I would say the humans you know will be busy with the riders visiting Levis.”

Maylis: “Ok, but what about this Jasper place on Day 17?”

Website Guy: “Well, to be honest, even further away from Levis. Clear on the other side of the country. More of the same kind of activities.”

  1. Motorcycle Tour
  2. White Water Rafting
  3. Beach at Pyramid Lake
  4. Laundry or bike maintenance
  5. Relaxing

Maylis: “So the humans just need to read the Route Information Guide and look at Day 7 (Levis Quebec) and Day 17 (Jasper Alberta). I don’t need to worry about a wild pool party at my home with humans running around all over the place.”

Website Guy: “There are over 40 people just doing The Full Pull across the country, then easily another 30-50 riders, maybe more, on top of that with provincial riders. So that is a lot of riders. I don’t think they can all fit in your home.”

Torque: “OHHHHH I would like to see that, just so I can see Maylis’ head explode and she only has what.. 8 Lives.. 7 Lives.. 6 Lives….left! Hahaha”

Website Guy: “That is not nice Torque.” (Looking at Maylis) “Sorry about that. I don’t think you have to worry. The humans have lots of activities and none at your home.”

Maylis: (Sounding exhausted) “Oh thank you.” (Looking around and deciding to flop into a resting position on Website Guy’s work chair…. Yawning and stretching, all her legs out) “All this talk of humans, drains my energy, has made me tired, I think I need a 10-hour nap.”

Website Guy & Torque: (In unison) “10-hour nap!

More Information and Links about The Rolling Barrage VIII – 2024 Ride

Registration – Registration is online and easy to do. Registering online allows us to know in advance the number of riders and passengers. It helps in facilitating fueling, meal requirements, events, notice to Emergency Services escorts and insurance requirements.

Route Guide – We have Route Information Guides. In PDF format for download. In both English and French.

Hotel Information – We have a Hotel Guide available. In PDF form for download. It provides information on hotel locations we block-booked in advance. In the event they are full, do a Google search in the area and see what hotels are available in the area.

The Rolling Barrage 2024 – Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt – Our Online Merchandise Store has not only our 2024 – The Rolling Barrage – Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt but also other merchandise such as patches, coffee cups, decals, and short sleeve shirts. Highly recommend you fill the Canada Post shipping box we use for flat rate shipping which is $25.00.