The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 had a shakeout ride for a good portion of the Full Pullers who will be part of the coast to coast ride across Canada. From the various pictures seen across social media at Signal Hill it was hard to tell what was more popular, the Signal Hill National Historic Site or The Rolling Barrage coming to pay a visit. We’ll call a tie.

The Rolling Barrage also had an opportunity for their motorcycles to be blessed at All Saints’ Church – Pouch Cove. A dealership and personal care and maintenance can only go so far. There are times you just have to put some faith into a higher power.

The Rolling Barrage also had the opportunity to have a hosted meal at the Pouch Cove Fire Department which was provided by the Water Witch Restaurant in Pouch Cove. Big shout out to both the Pouch Cove Fire Department and the Water Witch Restaurant for making that happen.

To close out their day’s activities, many took the opportunity to be Schreeched In. It is a bit of a ceremony and it encompasses some very interesting history. Check out the video link.

Other News / Information

July 31st 2023 – The Rolling Barrage – Full Pull group will have another shake out ride and be attending various locations locally.

Contacting Us – So the General Public is aware. August 1st 2023 at around 0800 hrs local time in NFLD is when The Rolling Barrage starts its coast to coast ride. The vast majority of the people that respond to questions, in particular on our Rolling Barrage – Facebook page are riding, engaged in some form of task for the ride, such as Lead Bikes, Tailgunners, Safety and Support groups.

Most questions are answered in the late evening when riders have a chance to answer questions, update their own social media feeds and so forth. But here are some answers to the most common questions.

What locations or stops are you riding daily? Here is The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 Ride Poster

Do you have something more detailed? Why yes we do. Here is the Route Page on our website. There are links to the entire ride daily itinerary, coast to coast and also individual day itinerary in PDF format.

We are waiting; you are late.. Understand please that we do everything possible to meet timings. We don’t control traffic, weather, accidents or construction which can cause delays.

Please continue to support The Rolling Barrage VII 2023. The coast to coast ride is soon to start and nothing is more uplifting to our riders than the support you have provided to date, will give today, tomorrow and in the days ahead.

Thank you to everyone.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage