In a few short hours, The Rolling Barrage will be Kick Stands Up in St. Johns Newfoundland. This, of course, is depending on when you read this. The countdown timer on our website has already clocked in the new day of August 01, 2023.

Today, The Rolling Barrage after Check – Ins and Registrations, will also have the Merchandise trailer open to sell merchandise. That will then close, so the Riding and Safety – Group can proceed with the Safety Briefing. After the Safety Brief, there will be final checks by riders and then it will be Kick Stands Up and the coast to coast ride will begin.

Today’s ride takes them from St. Johns NL to Gander NL. If you want to know their itinerary and schedule, please go to the Route Information page. The Route Information Guide 2023 which encompasses the entire coast to coast route guides, are in a single PDF file to download / view.

You can also download / view individual Day Route Guides as single PDF files.

We have a GPS Spot device on the Lead Bike. This allows you to view from our website the general vicinity of The Rolling Barrage. To view the GPS Spot device, please go to our The Rolling Barrage – Live page.

Note: This is not like a traditional GPS found in a vehicle. If you are at a computer, there are features and such you as the user can experiment with like different map styles, for example. The best way to get a more accurate positioning of the ride is to switch between “Live” and 1 HR.”

The support over the last few days while the Full Pull group was doing shake out rides has been tremendous. To the communities that came out to see the riders, talk with them, at stops and wave as they rode by. To the “on duty” First Responders who provided escorts and safety during the ride and at the tire dip for the Full Pullers you are all appreciated.

Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, Judy Foote, The Rolling Barrage has the scroll and “it will” be delivered to Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, Janet Austin. The Rolling Barrage has now another mission in hand.

Last but not least, The Rolling Barrage would like to thank Christian’s Pub, for hosting the Full Pullers and “Schreeching In” The Rolling Barrage. We sincerely hope that the codfish has recovered from that experience.


Registrations Online is doing very well. If you want to be part of this great experience, join us, even if it is for just one day. Registered Riders – just simply Check – In. If you arrive at a Check – In and haven’t Registered you will have to do so Online. We have people to help through the process.

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