Scott Casey – Founder of The Rolling Barrage; recently attended Operation Pegasus Foundation and an event of the organization called Operation Pegasus Jump. Scott Casey with other experienced parachutists and those that have not experienced parachuting, attended Rotation 1 – which began on July 10th to 13th 2023.

Rotation 2 – will commence July 13th to 16th.

During the first jump course, you will be taught the techniques and skills necessary to make your first skydive safe and enjoyable. The curriculum includes detailed instruction on the operation and use of the equipment, as well as practical training using a suspended harness and an aircraft mock-up.

The ground school takes approximately 4 to 5 hours and once completed, your first jump will be made from 3,500 feet, where your instructor will initiate the deployment of your main parachute as you leave the airplane.  

After you’re under a good parachute, you’ll maneuver it yourself while under radio guidance from an instructor on the ground. They train you to fly and land your parachute. Once you have landed, your instructor will provide a full debrief of your jump with you and will fill out your logbook.

Scott Casey reports…

“I was there on another TRB related mission. To donate $2k to Operation Pegasus Foundation.”

“The work put in by Angelo Pappas and his entire team is instantly recognized upon arrival. The best part of the experience aside from jumping is the comaraderie, which leads to restored wellness. The realization that you’re amongst like-minded people lends to the safety environment and trust is given unconditionally. Something very difficult for most troops who’ve done the deed.”

“Not one to lead from the back, I stepped into the harness and was the first troop out the door of the perfectly good aircraft.”

“I learned that it’s windy on the outside of a plane at 60mph. Much like it’s always windy on a motorcycle at 60mph. Who knew.”

To learn more about the Operation Pegasus Foundation and Operation Pegasus Jump please visit the following links.

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Congratulations Scott Casey on a successful jump. More pictures of this event will follow in at a later date in our Rolling Barrage Photo Galleries.

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