AKA – Also known as James or Jim depending on who he is associated with at the time.

Modus Operandi – known to blend into charity and not-for-profit motorcycle rides in both Canada and the US

Crimes – none specified in Warrants other than “Person of Interest”

Intelligence – it is believed Jim “Cyber Grump” Gordon’s hair follicles have a high value to the Charity / Not For Profit community. Rumors of gold like properties within his hair have been noted by many eyewitnesses. The coloring also suggests potentially platinum.

He keeps moving extensively.

Was in the United States, around May 16th 2023 starting in California, blending himself into the Run for the Wall ride across the United States dodging local LEO, Intelligence Services and Authorities all the way to Washington DC around May 27th 2023.  

His activity afterwards is sketchy, but US Recon Satellites under the Project name “Blackjack” noted activity westbound in the US until he absconded into the US / Canada Saskatchewan or Alberta border.

Confirmed siting reported in Bonnyville Alberta in around July 1st – Canada Day.

Canadian authorities believe his home base is in Alberta where he spends a significant amount of time in network related activities to “The Rolling Barrage” and uses the latest in internet and network ghosting methodologies to avoid accurate DNS and GPS triangulation methods to continue eluding capture.

It is believed he made headway to Newfoundland to join “The Rolling Barrage” as they proceed west-ward across Canada. Intelligence sources local to St. Johns NL confirm activity the last few days of July, in particular the 30th and 31st.

August 1st 2023, Intel sources local confirm he is proceeding towards Gander NL and eventually off Newfoundland and into the province of Nova Scotia.

How You Can Help

An operation of this magnitude requires funding. The Rolling Barrage is co-operating with authorities in his safe capture and extraction of known hair follicles. Authorities believe this can be done safely in Okotoks, Alberta. With the expected attendance at this location, he will surrender peacefully.

Donations to The Rolling Barrage can be done directly in support of this operation. All funds received will go towards other Charity and Not for-Profit organizations so they too can benefit from his capture.

As sightings and Intel is gathered, deciphered, and collated we will inform on progress.

End Message …