The Rolling Barrage has a great contest for April 2023 and the overall winner gets a $25.00 fuel card from Petro Canada. The contest is pretty simple. Quite a few of you have already purchased merchandise from our online store like our Rolling Barrage Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirt for example.

We want you to share with others on our The Rolling Barrage – Facebook Page, a picture of you or maybe your entire family in Rolling Barrage wear and accessories. There can be a mixture of previous years merchandise such as flags, lounge pants and so forth but there must be at least one item from our new line of merchandise in the photo. You can also accessorize with items such as sunglasses, steam punk glasses and gear.

The Requirements are simple:

  1. Picture of you / family in The Rolling Barrage merchandise
  2. One item of merchandise from our 2023 lineup minimally
  3. Can have previous years merchandise in the photo/s
  4. Be creative
  5. Can you post more than one picture or post – yes, but each are judged on their own, its not accumulated

How you win:

  1. The content in the picture
  2. Interactions with your post on our Facebook page such as comments, Likes, Loves
  3. In the event of a tie; we’re going to do some deep AI analysis, break out the Excel sheets, pie charts, reverse engineer the metrics in order to determine the winner… ah no we’re not.
  4. You can’t win if you don’t participate

The contest runs until April 30th 2023 and the winner will be announced 1st week of May 2023. Winner will be announced on our The Rolling Barrage – Fun S*** Stuff page, with the winning picture. Also a blog post and Facebook post.

If you haven’t bought any merchandise yet, head on over to The Rolling Barrage – Merchandise Shop and pick up some items.

The Winner will be contacted so we can deliver the gift card to you.

Good luck!

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage