Recently added is a new Rolling Barrage flag which is perfect for display on your motorcycles. Really high quality, and with colours that stand out. It is printed on both sides. Check out the new flag and head over to the Rolling Barrage Shop and get some merchandise and our new flag.

We also recently added the larger Rolling Barrage flag which is great for display in the garage or den.

The Rolling Barrage merchandise shop offers many great ways to show your support for veterans and first responders. By purchasing and wearing our merchandise, you not only contribute to raising funds for veteran and first responder programs but also help spread awareness about The Rolling Barrage.

T-shirts, pull over hoodies, zip up hoodies and hats featuring The Rolling Barrage signature font design. These items are not only stylish but also serve as a visible symbol of your support for The Rolling Barrage. Wearing The Rolling Barrage merchandise allows you to showcase your involvement and spark conversations about the cause.

The T-Shirts come in a wide range colors, in both men and women styles and sizing from Small to 3XL.

The Rolling Barrage has a wide assortment of patches available. We have our signature “Not Silent” Rolling Barrage Participant patches. We also have a larger 6” Rolling Barrage patch which features our Gun Bike. The Shop also has decals for your helmet, motorcycle or maybe another vehicle.

The Rolling Barrage Shop also offers limited-edition items. The Rolling Barrage – Limited Edition Long Sleeve shirt for 2023 is one of the hottest products offered in the shop. The production run is normally limited from April to June. Many riders and supporters purchase a few of them. One to wear and another as a keepsake.

When you purchase merchandise, remember that the proceeds go towards supporting programs and initiatives that benefit veterans and first responders. By buying and using The Rolling Barrage merchandise, you not only show your support outwardly but also contribute to making a positive impact in the lives of those who have served their communities and country.

Remember to take advantage of shipping costs by maximizing your order. Shipping is flat rate, so buying a hoodie, shirt, flag, hat, patches have the same shipping cost if you just bought a shirt. So, maximize your shipping by getting all the items you will need.

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