Website Guy – “Don’t be left out in the cold. Ordering merchandise from The Rolling Barrage Merchandise Shop is easy. We have been getting some questions on “what do I bring on the ride? Well, nothing quite says style than our very own The Rolling Barrage Merchandise”

One… “pick the items you want. We have T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts – 2023 is on sale right now! Hoodies, both pull over and zipper types. Lots of badges, stickers, and even two different styles of coffee cups!

Two… “jam.. cram.. that shipping box to maximize value in shipping costs.”

Three… “Pay for the items. It then gets processed, packed and shipping to your door.”

Torque – “Hey web-head.. WTF!!! It’s that guy again! And I know for a fact he’s airing things out! I have a cat contact, Diesel, and he sees things. Ok, maybe through the eyes of a cat totally high on Cat-Nip; but that don’t matter. He’s a somewhat reliable informer.”

Website Guy – “I have no idea how you meet these… friends of yours.”

Torque – “Oh what a coincidence, I have no idea how you meet some of your friends, like that guy!”

Website Guy– “Well, The Rolling Barrage in 2019, it was late at night, in Saskatchewan, outdoor area of a bar, and kinda being surrounded by him and others… okay maybe that is not how I should tell this story.”

Torque – “Did he have clothes on then?”

Website Guy – “Yes, they were all wearing clothes. Maybe I should just say, we’re all good friends now.”

Torque – “Well maybe as a “good friend” you can suggest to him to hit The Rolling Barrage – Merchandise Shop and buy himself some clothes. There is a sale on you know. I have been reading up on motorcycle riders and riding and I don’t think that is the kind of “freedom” they talk about when riding, just sayin!”

Website Guy – “You may be right. Anyway… “Our 2023 Long Sleeve Shirts are on sale! We also have a great selection of Hoodies, Pull Over and Zipper style. Grab some patches while you are at it to add some flair to your riding vest or jacket. We also have stickers for helmets and your rides.”

Torque – “Your friend is going to need a lot of stickers to cover himself up.”

Website Guy– “Well we do have a custom 6″ TRB patch.”

Torque – “Oh boy! He is going to hunt you down now, just sayin.”