“We just want everyone to know that merchandise sales from The Rolling Barrage – Merch HQ will soon be deployed starting in Newfoundland as Mobile Merch HQ once the merchandise is all set up and ready to go. We are excited about… “(Knock Knock)..

“Hmmm, wonder who could that be?”

Website Guy – “Hey Throttle! What brings you here?”

Throttle – “Dude, I am heart broken. You guys packed up shop and head out before I could get my Rolling Barrage shirt. Look at all the bones I saved to get one!”

Website Guy – “Oh wow, you have been saving up. Not sure bones are gonna cut it, but I was going to talk about the Mobile Merch HQ for those on the ride and anyone along the way can get some of our Rolling Barrage Merchandise.”

Throttle – “Pin Head, so you are telling me all I need to do is meet you all, like in St.Johns Newfoundland; not sure why they call it New-found-land, it’s been there a while; and I can hand over my bones and get some merchandise?”

Website Guy – “Like I said, maybe not bones, but yes, our Mobile Merch HQ starts in Newfoundland and goes coast to coast with The Rolling Barrage.”

Throttle – “What about the choppa? You mentioned strategic drops in Halifax, Kingston, and Saskatoon.”

Website Guy – “As I said, no choppa is involved, but The Rolling Barrage – Mobile Merch HQ gets more merch along the way. That way, we can keep up with demand.”

Throttle – “Ok, I feel better now. You have stuff to say right? Go ahead, but be careful, (Leans In – Whispers) The Board of Derelicts are keeping an eye on you I hear. ”

Website Guy – “That is Directors, and yes, I have to make some points on the Mobile Merch HQ.”

Throttle – “Ok, but be careful.”

From the top…

Merchandise Sales Information During The Rolling Barrage

The Merch HQ Trailer will be open for Sales and Rider Check-In 1 hour in the morning, before Safety Briefing daily and close when briefing starts. Check-In times and Locations are available on the Route Sheet PDF’s available for download from our Route Information Page.

The Merch HQ Trailer is Open 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily; local time. It can also depend on evening events. If sales are rockin’ we will stay open later. Participants are also welcome to Check-In the evening prior to joining The Rolling Barrage the next day.

Contact[email protected]

Payments and Donations are accepted using Square Pay.

Registration and Donations are also still open on our website.

Cash; Credit; Debit; Apple Pay & Google Pay via smartphone.

Throttle – “Not bad Pin-Head. I think you avoided the wrath of the Daleks this time.”

Website Guy – “That’s Directors, though come to think of it, in a Teams Meeting they do kind of sound like Daleks at times.”

Throttle – “And…you are in $%^& again.”

Website Guy – “Maybe.”