Since 2017, The Rolling Barrage has great Sponsors. Over the years, our sponsors have increased and elevated our organization to greater levels every year, making The Rolling Barrage a success.

We have sponsors such as Big Freight Systems who have come out huge in sponsoring The Rolling Barrage. From transporting a group of motorcycles from west to east and then at the end of the ride, from west to east. The administration, logistics, and operation of this task without even going into cost is an exceptional commitment. Big Freight Systems makes it happen. In a big way. They also do all this transporting with a truck and trailer they have branded with The Rolling Barrage as the focal theme. Who does that? An amazing sponsor does that!

We have sponsors who contribute to the operational success of the ride, such as Inland Truck and Equipment, Tridon, and FAST Rescue. From communications equipment for lead bikes, packet leaders and Tailgunners, Tridon Communications was there with a solution to help us.

Inland Truck and Equipment teamed up with Big Freight Systems and they provided fuel at stops and support for that massive BBQ at Big Freight Systems’ yard in Manitoba in 2023. FAST Rescue provides the first aid and AED kits we carry in the event of an accident. A veteran owned company helping veterans and first responders alike.

We get support from literally organizations that their business is to support the Veteran and First Responder Community. Spartan Wellness, The Veteran Farmer and CannaConnect. From breakfasts, lunches, auction items, their branded merchandise, to fuel. They back up The Rolling Barrage in such a fantastic and greatly appreciated way.

We have Rude Awakening Tour, Legion Branch 265, and Suncor. Rude Awakening Tour is well known in the Veteran Community and having the Rude Awakening Tour join in as a huge voice for The Rolling Barrage and advocacy is important. You also have to admit, Spark, his service dog. Has a whole other fan-base on top of that. Legion Branch 265 in Aldergrove BC has raised significant funds for The Rolling Barrage. They will also be a host of The Rolling Barrage this year, 2024, when the ride makes its journey west through BC. Suncor through the Suncares program facilitates the donation of funds to The Rolling Barrage by employees giving to a cause they support. More companies need to support this type of initiative.

United Steelworkers District 3, Carpenters Regional Council, Enduro Park Canada and Microsoft (Canada) also provide support. United Steelworkers District 3 provides funds to The Rolling Barrage that helps us, help others. Carpenters Regional Council and the local Carpenters Unions have been with The Rolling Barrage for several years going back to 2017, our first ride. Enduro Park Canada provides discounted and comped training programs to The Rolling Barrage.

Way in the shadows and not talked about a lot is Microsoft (Canada). All the Board, Executive, Provincial Leads have a Microsoft Office 365 platform, email addresses and Teams framework that helps us get things done, year round. If you run a company and use their services at the Enterprise level, you know the costs.

From everyone within The Rolling Barrage leadership and volunteers and the riders who are also a big part of our success, Thank You. Thank You.

Click on the Sponsors graphic below and you will go our Sponsors page. There are links to their own pages on our website or direct links to their website or social media. Thank them when you have time. They all deserve our sincere gratitude.