At around the middle of March 2023, we asked our riders on The Rolling Barrage – Facebook Page; if they were to pick their 5 favorite songs and put them in a playlist what would they be. Some of the answers were straight up what we asked for we got. Some answers were quite funny to be honest and other answers led me to deep concern and worry about certain people. Just kidding! But what it has led to, is the creation of a new page on our website! Coming in on April 1st, and it is no joke, our The Rolling Barrage – Fun Stuff page.

Now this page will essentially be a connected in a way to our ever popular Facebook page for The Rolling Barrage. We can run some contests, and we thought of getting sponsors for awesome prizes like brand new cars, motorcycles, dream homes, vacations in far off lands, or thousands of dollars in cash and then we realized; our audience doesn’t want those material type things. Not at all.. They want to be just heard, a voice, be able to give an opinion or view.

Ok, maybe down the road, we might offer a gift card for Tim Hortons, Amazon, LaSenza, … how did that get in here.. Esso, Petro – Canada gift cards or maybe a piece of merchandise like.. imagine lounging on the front patio of your home, relaxing with a cool summer drink, wearing our plush branded cozy pajama pants, hoodie with the hood over your head, wearing our signature neck gaitor and dark sunglasses. Ok, maybe not as an entire prize package, but you get the idea.

We are going to post on our Facebook page contest like activities, an interesting ride related meme, picture, maybe even a video. The end result really is to create interaction with our audience on Facebook, our blogs and the website.

Yeah it could be looked at as an evil villain approach to increase traffic on the Facebook page, Blogs and Website for The Rolling Barrage but really it is more than that. It is about you and how we are really trying to make best efforts in communicating with you. (Under breath) and also create some web traffic, promote sales of merch, donations, sponsors and get riders to join us in our annual coast to coast ride, also known as The Rolling Barrage.

The real big picture goal is to create an overall awareness of why we are all here in the first place. For every rider that has Registered for our ride, they easily know of 1-2-3 maybe even more who could join us. You get to kind of have your own clique of friends and the chances are you ride away with even more friends. That is one of the many cool things about The Rolling Barrage. There is a serious underlying purpose but we all just generally want to have some fun too. So check our new The Rolling Barrage – Fun S***, Stuff page and Register, or get your other riding friends to Register and lets have some fun.


Christian Carter – CEO / Chief Entertainment Officer – The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation