The Rolling Barrage is literally 47 days from Kick Stands Up (KSU) in Newfoundland. We hope everyone is getting excited as before you know it, there is going to be tire dipping into the ocean by all riders doing the Full Pull and then it is the rumble of motorcycles from the east to the west.

Our Nova Scotia Rep and Volunteers just completed a Recce, for our American friends that is Recon, over the past weekend of routes and other details.

With that, The Rolling Barrage VII – Route Information Guide – 2023 has been updated for June 13th 2023.

Please go to our Route Information page on our website to download the complete guide, which is great for Full Pull riders and those riders doing over 3 days. It is in PDF format. The Adobe PDF program to read PDF documents is available for free for Android and IOS (Apple) devices, such as mobile smart phones and tablets, where you normally get your device applications.

We primarily focused this update on Nova Scotia for the following two days:

  • Day 3 – (Thurs, 03 Aug 2023) North Sydney NS – Frankville NS 
  • Day 4 – (Fri, 04 Aug 2023) Frankville NS – Dartmouth NS 

Both days are available as individual downloads for those riders who are travelling those specific days and routes.

Please go to our Route Information page on our website to download those individual days if you require them.

Another handy option you can also do is Bookmark the Route Information page on your devices Internet Browser and that way you can always have ready access to the information you require.

As has been the practice, when updates occur, be it for Routes or Hotel Information, we will notify everyone as quickly as possible.


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