Are you excited? We are excited! It is close to 11 Days and Counting till it is Kick Stands Up in St John’s Newfoundland. Wow!

The response has been tremendous… spectacular… awesome. But you know we could kick this up to a whole new level. By that I mean, more riders!

Cause when you want to demonstrate coast to coast that The Rolling Barrage is planting a flag regarding raising awareness about PTSD and other mental health and wellness challenges, you kinda have to make some noise to demonstrate we are “Not Silent.” In our cause, it requires riders and motorcycles… and lots of them.

So let’s raise that bar, kind of like those raised handlebars on motorcycles. If you happen to have one of those motorcycles bring it out.. why not! Join all those across the country who are already part of it. We have been chatting with a few of them as they are heading to the east coast. Others are going to make their way soon, either riding or flying out.

It is never too late to Register Online or if you are still riding the fence; why ride a fence when you can ride your motorcycle, even if it’s just for one day. You can Register Online on site the day of; and if you need help, we will help. If you are “old school” and still prefer chiseling on stone; we do have paper registrations as well.

We would love to see you and have you join us.

Quick Links

Registration Online – preferred method to Register

Route Information – we have the entire Route Guide – Coast to Coast and Individual Day Routes in PDF

Hotel Information – while block booking is expired, all hotels are listed and in PDF format. Contact them directly by phone and speak with them. They may have rooms available and may still honour the block booking rates potentially.

We will have Merchandise available. We have a truck and trailer jam packed with Merch, plus we are getting resupply drops in Halifax, Kingston and Saskatoon.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage