Riders are already gathering in Newfoundland and taking in some of the wonderful scenery and the fantastic food that Newfoundland offers. More riders are on the way. Soon, the Safety Group will meet and go over procedures and protocols for the ride. Soon the Full Pullers group will do their tire dip.

Several riders are flying in this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday to join in. That is a lot of family, friends and soon to be friends meeting.

Months of planning that literally will come together the morning of August 1st 2023 with the start of motorcycles in St Johns, Newfoundland, to break the morning silence. The Rolling Barrage is looking forward to meeting many people in the communities as they proceed within Newfoundland.

Our Merchandise truck and trailer are ready. T-Shirt Elephant our supplier of The Rolling Barrage T-Shirts and other apparel, has succeeded in their mission of resupply operations in Halifax, Kingston and Saskatoon. Great work!

Registrations continue to come in. As expected, there are many joining in for a day. That is fantastic. A lot of the Rolling Barrage rank and file started as single day riders. As we have always stated, 1 day, 4 days, 7 days or the Full Pull, every rider is important.

Continue with the Registrations Online please. If you come on the day of we can help you with the Online Registration or if need be, old school it with a paper registration. Just come early, be patient and understand it is other riders helping you out.

Hotels. We have been asked via our Contact Us and Messaging through our Facebook presence on Hotels. Currently, it is too late to block book more rooms. A lot of the Provincial Leads themselves are on the move. However, download our Hotel Guide and contact the hotels listed directly by phone. There are also potentially hotels close to the ones we block booked that also may help you.

Regarding “roomie” arranging. That is between riders. We don’t have the resources, help or a system to facilitate that kind of program or arrangement.

Exciting and good times are ahead.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage