The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 – Limited Edition
Long Sleeve Shirt in Production

The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 – Limited Edition Long Sleeve shirt sales are doing extremely well this year. You really don’t want to miss out on this great clothing item. What was in production mere weeks ago is now ready for sale to our valued customers. The shirt is styled to honour the 150th Anniversary of the RCMP. As most that have participated in The Rolling Barrage know, the RCMP are the lead escort agency for The Rolling Barrage.

The sleeves have gold lettering “The Rolling Barrage” with the Canadian flag in gold. The front has our signature The Rolling Barrage font and service icons. The back has a custom design. The design team really keep on pushing the envelop from a design perspective.

You know what would look really cool. An entire procession of The Rolling Barrage riding into a location wearing this shirt. It would be, Epic!

Also remember, portions of sales goes towards The Ride itself, savings, so we can continue to get merchandise from suppliers, as well as to deserving veteran and first responder organizations. You the customer are helping in so many ways. Thank you.

It really is best to bundle items so you get greater value for your Postage / Shipping dollar. So pick up the Limited Edition Long Sleeve shirt and something else just to maintain greater value for your overall purchase experience.

Get your The Rolling Barrage -VII – 2023 – Limited Edition Long Sleeve shirt today at our Merch Store..

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