The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 – Long Sleeve Special Edition shirts in production.

A lot of work goes into The Rolling Barrage merchandise. From design, manufacturing production, delivery, to our volunteers who run our merchandise inventory, taking the orders, packing them and then sending off for delivery to you, our valued customers.

Design of this years merchandise was the work of Paul Harman. Paul is the previous CEO of The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation, current serving member of the Canadian Forces (CAF) and an avid rider having done “The Full Pull” and participating in several of The Rolling Barrage rides in years past.

As The Rolling Barrage develops so does our Merchandise. We look at a number of factors when it pertains to merchandise. From being able to conceptually bring our designs to a marketable product, quality, service, order and re-order capacity. Cost is also a factor we must consider.

With all those factors we were able to secure T-Shirt Elephant in Toronto as our new go-to for baseline merchandise. The CEO of The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation, Christian Carter, spent some time with the President of T-Shirt Elephant, Jason Sterling, during production of our merchandise at their Toronto based facility.

The Rolling Barrage PSTD Foundation, CEO – Christian Carter (R) and T-Shirt Elephant, President, Jason Sterling (L) on tour of his manufacturing facility.

Jason was kind enough to take a break to give a tour of his facilities and for the CEO to meet some of the over 50 employees who make it happen.

The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 – Hoodies / Pull Over

As you can see above, under the careful eye of one of T-Shirt Elephants employees, our Hoodies are getting printed. The sleeves have been done and now its onto the front and back design work being placed. Everything is done in stages and phases. All with a purpose and intended outcome, a final product.

The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 – Hoodie / Pull Over
T-Shirt Elephant – Quality Control
T-Shirt Elephant – Quality Control

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation CEO, was able to meet with several employees at T-Shirt Elephant from design, quality control, to manufacturing and shipping. A lot of work has gone into our merchandise. We tend to look at t-shirts and clothing in general as what we see on a rack. But a lot more goes into it before it reaches you, the customer…our customers.

Great people making great things for great customers in a great cause.

The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 – Merchandise

The Rolling Barrage merchandise in final stages of being ready to fold and package for delivery to our wonderful merchandise volunteers. The final end stage really is you, our valued customers who come to our website and buy our merchandise.

To obtain more value we recommend purchasing multiple items as the shipping costs are flat rate. So visit our The Rolling Barrage – Merchandise Shop, today.

Thank you,

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation

Board of Directors and Executive