The Rolling Barrage has had an auction that is conducted during the entire coast to coast ride since 2017. It provides an opportunity for riders, volunteers, supporters and the general public to engage in bidding on items or services that have been graciously donated to The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage.

For 2023 we have great items up for Auction.

Knock Knock…

Website Guy – “Hmmm wonder who that could be?”

Throttle – “Hey numpty, I want to know, why you didn’t tell me?”

Website Guy – “Tell you what Throttle?”

Throttle – “You got a @#$%&*$ Chopper for sale on your auction!!!” Noooo, you can make deliveries of merchandise by plane, ship, trucks, but all along you kept telling me no @#$%^&* chopper can do it, then suddenly, you have one for sale!”

Website Guy – “Ok, first off, you really have to check, you know.. the colorful metaphors Throttle, and second, we don’t have a chopper for sale. It’s a bid to win a ride in a chopper for up to 5 people, Donated by Provincial Helicopters in conjunction with Guardians of the Children Canada.”

Throttle – “Hmmm.. do you think they would allow a dog to go up?”

Website Guy – “Not sure, you would have to ask, I suppose.”

Throttle – “Oh look, they have a beautiful painting of poppies by Kelly Mitchelmore

Website Guy – “Yes, she is a very nice, fantastic artist and a Canadian Forces Veteran too.”

Throttle – “Yeah, I am still trying to figure out why you Veterinarians are all going all over the place on your motorcycles.”

Website Guy – (Hand to Forehead) “That is Veterans… not Veterinarians. Why do I even let you comment?”

Throttle – “Cause they love me. Ok, what else you got.. oh look, blankets.. and they look kind of fancy.”

Website Guy – “Umm, those are Quilts and yes, they can have some very intricate designs. The two up on the auction are exquisite.”

Throttle – “Wait.. what is that? Looks like a plane in a cake display case… (whispers “that is sorta weird you know”).

Website Guy – “That is a Hawker Hurricane model. Built by Veterans in a program that the Royal Canadian Legion is promoting and no, it is not in a cake display case. The Rolling Barrage actually helps in support of that program.”

Throttle – “Oh that is cool. The Rolling Barrage has lots of cool items in there, I see.”

Website Guy – “Absolutely we do, and to bid on these items please go to and register as a participant in order to bid on items. Proceeds go towards operations and programs across Canada that The Rolling Barrage supports. Auction ends August 19th 2023 – 11:45 PM CDT.”

Throttle -“I still think you guys have that chopper for sale and just not telling me.”

Website Guy – “The chopper is not for sale, only for taking people up for a ride.”

Throttle – “I knew it. You do have a @#$%^&* chopper and your selling rides!”

Website Guy – “Do you want the tape over the mouth treatment again.. I have lots.”

Throttle – “Ahh, no…(mumbles… “I knew you had a chopper, no we don’t have a chopper, what do they have on their auction site.. a @#$%^&* chopper!”)

Website Guy – “Go to our auction at and Register and start bidding on some very great items.”

Throttle – “And bid on that Chopper!”

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage