The Rolling Barrage VII – 2023 is just 9 days from Kick Stand Up and we thought that sending out acknowledgements is needed.

The Rolling Barrage since 2017 has always had support from the First Responder communities, such as police, fire and emergency medical services across the country. In 2017, our humble beginnings as a new not-for-profit organization using motorcycles and raising awareness of PTSD and other mental health challenges, we received good support across the country.

As our organization and the awareness of The Rolling Barrage has increased over the years, the support of the First Responder community has increased substantially. We have always and will continue to understand fully that operational requirements take a precedence. It is even mentioned in our morning safety briefings during The Rolling Barrage that if the Rolling Barrage is going one way, and our first responder escorts are going another way suddenly there is a reason for it and we continue on our journey hoping both them and those they are responding to will be all safe in the end.

The First Responders assigned to The Rolling Barrage are often volunteers themselves. Working on days off or out of their scheduled shift cycles. It takes dedicated and exceptional people to be a First Responder and it goes without question those that assign themselves on duty rosters to help us proceed across Canada are even more wonderful to recognize by our organization.

The First Responder community rides with us, eats where we eat, and often with Fire Department Halls has hosted us for meals or snacks along the way. When you think of that, in those instances, it can mean taking a station out of dispatched call assignments in larger multi-station communities or adjusting dispatch calls that station will respond to.

Active duty and retired members from the First Responder communities across Canada join us on our ride. We have many this year doing the Full Pull and others joining in local to their communities. We are very grateful for the support you provide by being part of the Rolling Barrage and, in many instances, volunteering within our organization.

The Rolling Barrage and all that it encompasses is grateful to the First Responder community in doing what they do and also taking the time to help us. Your dedication to duty and service is both recognized and appreciated.

Thank you all sincerely;

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage