It is just 81 days until it is KSU – Kick Stands Up in Newfoundland for The Rolling Barrage VII – 2024 ride coast to coast across the country to raise awareness about PTSD, mental and physical health challenges that face our veteran and first responder communities.

So why Register? Good question. The organizations we help raise funds for, help veterans and first responders. Many also extend that service to spouses. Supporting a lot of veterans and first responders, there is a loved one who not only provides support but may need a level of support.

Check out our Who We Help page to see the organizations we have supported.

“But I am not a Veteran or a First Responder.” – It does not matter. If you, as an individual or group, are concerned about the support mechanisms in place for veterans and first responders and you have a motorcycle, this is an opportunity to get out on your ride and show support with many riders, including supporters.

Don’t believe it? Check out our Photo Gallery’s from 2017 to date. There are a lot of good people doing good things and riding their motorcycles on top of it all. What a great combination.

Check out our Registration page. It’s all online, including payment.

“Ok, but I need more information.” – We have that all covered.

Route Information – we have downloadable PDF files of our entire route across the country in both English and French. Our ride poster is also available to look over in English and French.

Hotel Information – we have a downloadable PDF for that too.

Merchandise – easiest way to blend in.. our current Special Edition – Long Sleeve Shirt can be purchased. Again, funds raised help. This years ride shirt celebrates 100 Years of the RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force. There is lots of ride shirts out there, but none like ours.

“Never done this before, what do I even pack?” – Check out our Ride FAQ page. We have suggestions on what you should pack if you do 1 day to the entire Full Pull.

“What’s a Full Pull?” – good question! It is greatly suggested, if that is a question you have, make yourself a coffee, tea or other drink. Open up a laptop, desktop, tablet.. and check out The Rolling Barrage website.

To also add, because we know it is also important. Who supports us? Well, riders are a huge component of that support. So when you Register, you are in turn, a Supporter. But the bigger question that gets asked is Sponsors. Well, we have Big Freight Systems, Microsoft, Suncor, Tridon Communications, to name a few of our tiered Sponsors.

We also have Supporting Sponsors such as Commissionaires HQ Ottawa, real estate firms such as Mark Goldade Real Estate Corporation, Royal Canadian Legion Branches, Union organizations and Motorcycle dealerships.

Collectively they Support riders during the ride and the organizations we support.

Register – Your Adventure Awaits