Riding season is definitely on. Join The Rolling Barrage is on its coast to coast ride from Newfoundland to British Columbia to raise awareness to combat PTSD and other mental health challenges that face military veterans and first responders.

While you may not have the time to join The Rolling Barrage for the entire Full Pull, come out for a day. Your basic rider Registration is good for 1-3 days, so if you change your mind after Day 1 of riding, you can always continue for the next day or two.

Read through some Testimonies of Riders and Supporters alike. It is their stories that tell a bit about them, what they were maybe challenged regarding mental health or just in search of a different type of motorcycle ride. The Rolling Barrage is many things to different people.

Not a veteran or first responder? That is ok too. We have many riding supporters who just believe in our cause and, to be honest, in today’s world, wind therapy from a motorcycle ride can do a lot of good.

Below are some quick links to get you started.

RegistrationOur Registration is Online. Fill out the form and payment is online as well.

Route Information – Coast to Coast across the country. We have all the route information and details in a PDF document you can download. Available in both English and French.

Hotel Information – Again, coast to coast. We have hotel information where we have been able to block book rooms at specific hotels at our overnight stops. If the hotels are booked, please search for hotels in the area.

Ride FAQ – Never been on a motorcycle ride longer than a day. We have provided some answers to common questions of riding from 1 day to the entire Full Pull.

On a final note, our ride is not possible with you. It is also not possible without the fantastic support from organizations and communities across the country. Our Sponsors and Supporting Sponsors are also crucial to our ride’s success.

Thank you everyone.