The Rolling Barrage – Registration has been open since the beginning of February 2024 for the 8th Annual Ride, Coast to Coast to raise awareness about PTSD and other mental health challenges that Active Duty, Retired Military and First Responders can experience during the course of their service and duties.

The response has been great so far between a fantastic Full Pull registration response and riders and passengers registering for a more localized ride within their home provinces. What is most important is coming out for a ride. If you are reading this, chances are you are a motorcycle rider, so why not join us for the day.

The cost of Registration really covers the insurance cost requirements for the ride and events. With a smaller portion as proceeds that helps towards the administration, logistical and operational needs of conducting a coast to coast motorcycle ride. So even Registering for 1 day and coming out contributes to our mission of helping other organizations that do the heavy lifting of offering services and programs to those in need of support.

Riders represent the backbone of our coast to coast ride and all that we have accomplished to date and into the future. The equation is simple. No riders, no ride. We have been very fortunate since 2017 to show continued growth year after year. That is really due to you, all of you. Thank you.

To add to the Registration, we also provided a Hotel Guide. Within are hotels at the stops we make overnight where we have been able to secure as best of a deal as possible. Riders, passengers and guests are free however, to choose where they wish to stay. We have had riders who stay with local family and friends as an example in previous years.

Our Route / Events Guide is being worked on by Ride Operations and Provincial Leads. For those considering “The Full Pull” we have two locations. One being St. John’s Newfoundland and the other one in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. The unique aspect of The Full Pull is not only riding essentially coast to coast from east to west, but tire dipping essentially in the Atlantic and then the Pacific ocean.

It is a symbolic event that has been done by others in their charity based efforts as well. Because of space restrictions at the tire dip locations, we only disclose to Full Pullers. Full Pull motorcycles, service, support and local First Responders need room to conduct the “tire dip” in a safe process. Therefore, we discourage onlookers.

Our Ride Poster is available on our website in both English and French. Route Guide to follow by mid-March 2024.

So plan your day, several days or maybe consider The Full Pull and Register.