On The Rolling Barrage homepage we have two information areas that we feel are important for our ridership. One has been a part of our homepage for a few years now is the Ride Countdown and certainly as the countdown draws closer to Kick Stands Up excitement builds for those who are joining us for the annual Coast to Coast Ride to Combat PTSD.

But it also triggers a few other aspects of the ride in the background. Such as commencing the work process to define our daily stops, which you will see in the Annual Ride Poster. We’ve had very cool ride posters over the years and this year is no exception to that.

Then the process of arranging block bookings for Hotels for every day/night of the ride across the entire country. This in turn, triggers several things happening at once. We are very fortunate to have Big Freight Systems as a sponsor and they contribute in a big way to our success. They also help transport a select group of riders motorcycles from the west coast to the east coast and then at the end of the ride west to east. That takes coordination between Big Freight Systems, us and the riders to make it happen.

At around the same time, Routes between each stop are planned. From daily safety briefs, coordinating with first responder escorts, fuel stops, meal stops, rest stops to planned visits and events. Its combination of multiple teams from Ride Operations, Provincial Reps, Sponsors, venues and localized representatives across the country.

This activity leads to documentation created such as Hotel Guide, Route Guide, updating Waivers, Policies, Insurance to reflect the current ride year. Then providing that information to you, the riders and supporters.

A lot of other aspects are connected and tied into the Countdown Timer. But let’s move on to a new and recent aspect of our homepage and this is the Registration Counter.

It is not a live counter, but we update it at this juncture weekly. It provides a quick snapshot of 3 key pieces of information that provides information to us and to you. It indicates Full Pull riders and passengers. This is the rider group that goes across the entire country, east to west.

The second group is Provincial riders and passengers. This riding group consists of those who choose to ride a leg, a province, or potentially several provinces.

The last group is Total Registrants – Riders and Passengers. In 2023 we had a little over 400 total rider and passenger registrants. This year we’d love to see between 500-600 total. Ultimately, for our 10th Anniversary Ride in 2026, we are shooting for 100+ Full Pull riders with a total rider and passenger count of 1000.

That would be… there is no words to describe that… awesome.. spectacular. We’d have to figure out a way maybe to clone Jim “Cyber Grump” Gordon to do the morning Safety Briefs.

But what our Registrants totals give us as they come in is a snapshot on how we need to adjust certain aspects of the ride such as fuel, meal stops, venues, and merchandise as examples.

So that is partly why we have both Ride Countdown timer and Registration counter on our homepage. You may have just thought it’s just some fancy webpage addition. Check them out, see where we are at both in days until Kick Stands Up and how our rider / passenger Registrations are progressing.

Coincidently if you have not registered. You can also click on the Registration counters and be taken to our Registration page. Today is March 12th 2024, we would like to see at the end of the month over 100+ Total Riders and Passengers registered.

Up for a ride? Up for a challenge? Up to participating in a coast to coast ride to combat PTSD and other mental health challenges? We are at 137 days and counting…. Join us by Registering for The Rolling Barrage.