The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage is very pleased to announce a new sponsor, Tridon Communications.

Tridon Communications is the Official Communications Sponsor of The Rolling Barrage. Tridon Communications will be supplying The Rolling Barrage with radio communications equipment so that Road Safety, Ride Support and Supply Groups can communicate during the ride. This is especially important for key ride positions such as Lead Riders, Waist Gunners, Scouts and Tailgunners.

By virtue of our registrations so far, The Rolling Barrage is going to be experiencing some of the largest riding groups overall to date. Communication is going to be a key element in organization and safety of the ride as a whole.

The Rolling Barrage is sincerely grateful for the sponsorship from Tridon Communications to facilitate and mitigate communications challenges.  

About Tridon Communications

Tridon Communications is a Telecommunications Systems Integrator (TSI) that addresses all aspects of your communications needs under one roof. As a TSI, Tridon is your end-to-end solutions provider — and your single point of contact — for all of your facility’s wired and wireless communications requirements.

That means you don’t have to track down a different provider for each and every system, and you won’t have to coordinate activity on your site around a dozen different crews. You’ll only have to work with one: us. Whether it’s a system design or build, installation, upgrade, repair, or maintenance, we are the solution.

The Rolling Barrage – Planning Group is very excited to have the equipment, which is very costly to purchase, let alone lease or rent, to be afforded as a sponsored donation for the duration of the ride.

To learn more about Tridon Communications and links to their office locations, range of services and their various web presences, such as Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin, please visit their Sponsorship page on our website.

A direct link to their website is also below.

Tridon Communications

Thank you, Tridon Communications for sponsoring The Rolling Barrage.