On May 15th a ready, willing and able class of veterans gathered to learn the fine art of building planter boxes. The event was sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No# 15 in Brampton, PTGA (Post Traumatic Growth Association, Canada House, and woodworking and carpentry experts such as Mike Humphries of Carpenters Council and Glen Coyle of Canada House.

After explanation of the planter box kits and distribution of appropriate safety measures in using tools like an automatic nailer the veterans began to work on them.

It seemed in no time at all, the planter boxes were coming together. As the group became more comfortable with each other when something like reloading the automatic nailer gun, humour took over and it turned into a military themed mini-event with commands that would be given on a rifle range such as “Reload.. Load!”

In the end, every veteran walked away with having spent time with other veterans, building great planter boxes and even a planter box for Legion No#15 to use.

There is a small photo gallery of more pictures of the Woodworking Event – May 15th 2024.

Thank you Mike Humphries and Glen Coyle for being patient mentors in this endevour and to the sponsors of this event. It was a great evening.