Website Guy – “Hello everyone. I would just like to take some time to bring everyone up to speed on some updates recently done on the website, documentation, and general news.”

“Where do I start?”

Kick Stands Up! – “The Rolling Barrage is kick stands up in 50 days in Newfoundland. We are also a little over 50 riders who have committed for The Full Pull. Our ride this year is shaping up to be a stellar and an awesome ride for The Rolling Barrage.”

Registrations – “Our Registrations Online continue to rise. In some of the stop locations based on records we are looking at 90 riders at some of our point-to-point start and stops. Which is amazing. The more the better, so keep on Registering please.”

(banging on door)

“I wonder who that could be?”

Opens Door and in struts Throttle.

Website Guy – “Hey Throttle, been a while since everyone has seen you, how have you been?”

Throttle – “Holy crap dude, I leave for a bit and all hell breaks loose!”

Website Guy – “Ok, not sure what you are talking about, please enlighten me.”

Throttle – “Sure. So, I am down the block on a hot date with that French Poodle I was telling you about and she tells me you are writing stuff in French all over the place and she was going on and on about you. She had like hearts and stars in her eyes. Really put a damper on my game you know.”

Website Guy – “LOL, ok first off, I had help from very kind people to do some blogs and flip them to our Facebook page that were translated into French. Our ride does go through Quebec and other areas where French is spoken as a first language. We wanted to address that as an organization. I had no intention on cutting into your game as you call it.”

Throttle – “Dude, she thinks your like the Maurice Chevalier of web stuff now!”

Website Guy – “Great actor, but I don’t think he did anything website related. Relax because I must update people on what has been going on.”

Throttle – “Okay, okay, go ahead.”

Merchandise – “Our merchandise has expanded, and we have new flags for your motorcycles. We also have the larger flag which is great for the garage or office. We have plenty of shirts, our Limited-Edition Long Sleeve Shirt is very popular as are our Pull Over Hoodie and Zip Up Hoodie. So be sure to go to our Online Merchandise Shop and get your apparel and accessories. Our merchandise sales have been spectacular and we cannot thank everyone enough for the support given.”

Run for the Wall – “We had some Rolling Barrage alumni such as Scott Casey, Jim Gordon, Stephen Vessey and others finish the Run for the Wall at the end of May 2023. You can read about them here on our blog post about it.”

Throttle – “Those guys are cool, they don’t try to steal away my girl, unlike you, Mr. Fancy French Guy.”

Website Guy – “Listen, I am not trying to steal your girl Throttle.”

Throttle – “Yeah, yeah, when I left, all she said was, “ohhh I would love for him to take me for a walk!”

Website Guy – “LOL, I don’t think she meant anything by it. But Throttle I really must continue this update.”

Events – “Members of the Rolling Barrage also attended events such as the Renos for Heroes – Ride for Heroes Event which raised over $14,000.00. You can read about it here.

“Also coming up on June 17th 2023 in Nova Scotia – Privateers Harley Davidson is having a BBQ – Fundraiser and Awareness for The Rolling Barrage. For more information, please go to their Facebook Event Page. It would be great to have a solid contingent of local Rolling Barrage riders attend this event.”

“On the 24th of June, The Rolling Barrage will be at the Peacekeepers Park in Angus Ontario. They have an annual event where Silver Cross Mothers are in attendance. Also present will be representatives from Renos for Heroes and Helmets to Hardhats. We’d like to see a good presence of riders from the local area in attendance. For more information.

“On July 1st, in Bonnyville, Alberta, Rolling Barrage alumni, supporters and the greater community of Bonnyville is having a parade with motorcycles leading the way, a BBQ and Beer Garden. We’d love to see a great showing of support from Rolling Barrage ridership in the area. For more information.

Throttle – “That sounds really cool.”

Website Guy – “It is, maybe you should take your French Poodle girlfriend, go to the parade and enjoy some BBQ.”

Throttle – “What about the beer!”

Website Guy – “You need to be of legal drinking age and have ID.”

Throttle – “I am 2 in your years, and I have dog tags!”

Website Guy – “Not the same Throttle.”

Event – “Rounding out the Events, we have the 6th Annual Highway of Heroes Tribute ride in Nova Scotia on 19 August 2023. For more information, please go to their Facebook Page. This is another event that where solid representation from local Rolling Barrage ridership is greatly appreciated.

Route Guide – “The Rolling Barrage VII – Route Information Guide 2023 – was recently updated and rebranded. Please go to our Route Information Page to download it. It is in PDF format.

Throttle – “Hey didn’t Torque help you out with that?”

Website Guy – “Yes he did, he also came up with the idea of providing Daily Route Guides as well because the main guide is big. This way, people only doing specific days can have a smaller document to read over.”

Throttle – “He’s pretty smart, unlike you.”

Website Guy – “I will pretend I didn’t hear that.”

French Translation – “We added some blog posts specific to certain things on the website for our French speaking and reading audience. They are:

“We will continue to work towards greater communication with our French speaking audience and ridership as we evolve as an organization.”

Throttle – “You enjoyed that didn’t you. Knowing this is going to cause me more grief.”

Website Guy – “Those are just posts to the blogs so that our French speaking audience has a greater understanding of what is happening. Eventually we would like to be able to provide as much information as possible in French.”

Throttle – “Yeah yeah. Okay I must bounce. It was sort of nice being here. But I have places to go and see. Catch you later!”

Website – “Ok Throttle and don’t slam the door when you leave like you usually do.”

Throttle – “Sure.” (SLAM!!!)

Website Guy – “He always does that. Anyway, I know this is a lot of information to take in. But we felt it was important to provide this information. Remember you can keep up to date by bookmarking our Rolling Barrage website and checking out our Rolling Barrage Facebook page.”