It is hard to believe but the days just seem to melting away, June will be in the past shortly. Happy Canada Day everyone. On July 1st it is Canada Day. I am sure many of you have plans, maybe get in a little riding or just spend some time at home or away somewhere with family and friends.

Whatever your plans are, have a great time and be safe.

If you don’t have plans and are reasonably local to the Bonnyville Alberta they are putting on one hell of an event for Canada Day. The links below will lead you to the finer details on that event. If I am not mistaken, Rolling Barrage alumni Warren Cave and Jim Gordon are both going to be there. I am sure they will be accompanied by others as well.

Bonnyville Alberta – Canada Day Fundraiser – 01 July 2023

Bonnyville Alberta – Canada Day Fundraiser – Updates

We are at 31 days until Kick Stands Up. Sometime over the next couple of weeks, riders who are having their motorcycle shipped by Big Freights Systems out east will soon be loading their motorcycles up on that awesome trailer. If we happen to be tossing a few cold ones this weekend, responsibly of course, we really should raise a glass to Big Freight Systems for all they have done for The Rolling Barrage.

Big Freight Systems – Gold Sponsor – Trailer Wrap

Regarding sponsorships, in June we have been fortunate that Tridon Communications has come onboard as the Official Communications Sponsor for The Rolling Barrage. We are going to have radios available for Lead Riders, Waist Gunners, Tailgunners, and key Support Staff.

Tridon Communications – Our Newest – The Rolling Barrage Sponsor

As The Rolling Barrage is definitely increasing in terms of size by Registrations, it is important to have a means of solid communications available.

While we’re discussing communication, lets not forget that this month, we had two very familiar faces to the Rolling Barrage community interviewed in podcasts. Scott Casey, Founder and Carola Singer who does astounding work for the Board and everyone knows how well Okotoks, Alberta events have been in the past. She is a huge part of that. The hosts of the Yellow Box Podcast interviewed them. Links are below;

Partner de Boite Jaune – Podcast with Scott Casey from The Rolling Barrage

Partner de Boite Jaune – Podcast with Carola from The Rolling Barrage

Our Registrations are doing very well. As mentioned in other blog posts we are pushing well past 50 riders for The Full Pull. We have significant ridership across the country. Some locations we will pull into towns and stops with 70 to over 100 motorcycles. But you know what, we want more. We have places like Neepawa, Manitoba closing down streets to accommodate The Rolling Barrage. Our event is becoming in many ways their event too.

This is the type of story that is repeating itself right across the country. That is why we would love to have you be a part of it. Whether you are a veteran, active duty, first responder, supporter you are welcome to join us for a day or as many as you want. So consider Registering Online.

During the ride in August our Registration fees are the same. If you decide The Rolling Barrage is something you want to experience, you can Register Online, or if you need help, just come early and people will help you register online.

Our Route Guides have been updated recently in June. You can download in PDF form the entire Full Pull or individual days.

Our Hotel Guide is also available. Many of the hotels block booking has expired. If you call them directly, they may extend the discounts to you.

Our Merchandise store is still open. If you want to have Rolling Barrage items such as shirts to wear before joining the ride, we highly suggest doing so over the next week or two so it can be delivered to you on time. During the ride we will have a truck and trailer with merchandise as well. We are also getting drop shipped merchandise items in Halifax, Kingston and Saskatoon. So there are plenty of opportunities to get Rolling Barrage merchandise.

Happy Canada Day Eh! Everyone have a great time.

For those who are deployed, or working shift as a first responder over the long weekend, thank you for your service and be safe.

The Rolling Barrage PTSD Foundation / The Rolling Barrage